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Huashuo Concrete Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Huashuo construction concrete Ltd, Jiangxi province Jiangxi industrial investment Corporation subsidiary of Huashuo. A total investment of 50 million Yuan, covers an area of more than 80 acres, annual production capacity of 800,000 m3 of concrete, output value of 200 million Yuan. Company is located in high wood 1 kilometers away from high road (municipal welfare), close to 320 national road, less than 3 km from hukun gaotiegaoan station, convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

Company is, Yichun city, bulk cement promotion Development Association Executive governing units, is gaoan city focus support of green environmental enterprise, has two article large modern of line, can production including C60 various label of new energy-saving products--pre mix concrete, widely application Yu industrial and civil, and bridge, and tunnel and the various large equipment based,, has both improve engineering quality, and reduced engineering cost of advantage, also has save construction cycle, and energy-saving green environmental of effect, deeply units, and design units, and Construction and architectural supervision of General customer recognition and affection.

"quality assurance, eternal faith" , Huashuo will provide a solid foundation for your Centennial property of concrete!

"young, fruitful" , Huashuo will make unremitting efforts to continue to go beyond!




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