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Hushuo Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Huashuo construction Group Co Ltd was established in August 2005 , the company formerly known as gaoan, Jiangxi province, construction company, gaoan, Jiangxi province, construction company on the basis of municipal party Committee and municipal government restructuring at the end of 2006 complete, and sales to the public auction, the society as a whole. Huashuo industrial investment co in Jiangxi province by public auction.

New company established Hou that by new company articles established company management institutions, and developed company of regulations management system and company of business approach; while company through optimization restructuring, wide na talents, original company of project manager, and professional technicians full returning induction, and constantly from big secondary college graduates in the hired talent; constantly perfect and improved company equipment, except took over original company all equipment, outside also through purchase or rental perfect company of equipment, constantly improve company of market competition capacity, Efforts to expand the company's business markets.

Gaoan, Jiangxi province, construction company was established in February 1951, the technical qualifications for the national secondary, after more than 50 years of sharpening, businesses continue to grow, for high urban and rural construction, and has contributed significantly to economic development. Adopted by high size of almost all building work undertaken by the company. 70 generation, company of integrated construction capacity constantly improve, enterprise of production scale also constantly expanded, has bear has Jiangxi second motor factory, and Jiangxi health factory, and Jiangxi reeling factory, and Yichun tractor factory, and high fertilizer plant, and high cement plant , groups community construction, had representative Yichun participate in has Jiangxi Viva Museum, and anyuan Memorial, province focus project of construction , and won has good of reputation.


Reform of Jiangxi gaoan city construction engineering company has brought vitality and vigor, enterprises have been expanding, overall strength is greatly enhanced. Nearly 2000 practitioners, including professional and technical personnel more than 150 people (including middle and senior staff of 55), certificate of professional held mid-level positions, more than 120 people, more than two project managers, 16.

Enterprise with tower cranes, CNC concrete batching machines, mixers, excavators, pile drivers, universal testing machine, such as construction machinery and testing equipment, 297 (sets), the net assets amount to more than 25 million Yuan. Company Jian an output value of more than 80.23 million Yuan, was completed in 2004, realizing taxes of more than 3 million Yuan. Since the 80 's, the company has undertaken all steel structure, reinforced concrete fabricated structures, post-tensioned prestressed structures, thin-shell structure, framework structure of large span of cinema, theatre, gymnasium, shop, trading in greenhouse construction and other projects. bear has brick mixed structure, and framework structure, and box cut, structure of posts and telecommunications building, and CCB office building, and tax integrated building, and people hospital hospital building, and annual 220,000 tons of medium cement plant, and tap water factory, and 110KVA substation, and country community, span over 24 meters, and height over 12 layer, and Dan Dong area over 10,000 square meters and groups community area over 50,000 square meters of industrial and civil and structures of construction. Also provides users of ground base and Foundation, the decoration decoration, electricity installation, glass curtain wall and other facilities services.

Gaoan, Jiangxi province, construction company has always focused on corporate image, honest and trustworthy, to provide the community with quality engineering, provide better service for users.

Especially in recent years, the company set up and improve the quality and safety assurance system, to promote "four new" technology, strict implementation of the provisions of mandatory standards. Business major safety, quality accidents never happened. Has frequently represented Jiangxi province meet the national quality and safety checks, have received high evaluation. In construction site carried out "management Shang level, and quality out boutique, and security no accident, site up standard" activities, powerful to promoted has engineering quality, and safety and civilization construction management level of constantly improve, engineering quality once acceptance rate 100%, excellent rate 80% above, created out high CCB building (gaoan City District first a provincial excellent engineering), and high middle school students apartments, and gaoan city people hospital hospital building was "azalea Cup" award, more than 20 more than items province, and to level excellent engineering and a large number of site civilization construction Excellent model site, safety standards (people's hospital building and repairing factory dormitory, inspection by the State were rated as excellent site). Enterprise has repeatedly been rated as provincial and prefectural (City), the integrated municipal advanced enterprise and quality management, safety, equipment management, industrial management, and other advanced units.

ISO9001:2000 quality system certification was adopted in November 2001.

The pursuit of excellence, climbing more than. I company will inherited and develop original company of advanced of management method, constantly innovation and develop, to company restructuring for opportunity, to project for carrier, according to "starts Qian for customer sake, construction in the Please customer supervision, delivered Shi makes customer satisfaction, using Hou let customer assured" of quality approach, do by can, for owners provides more of excellent engineering, for user provides more satisfaction of service, for construction of revitalization made more big of contribution.

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