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Analysis on the Development Tactics of Tile Industry under the Internet and

First, understand the situation

Economic growth in the first three quarters of 2015 6.9%, 7% lower than expected; the end of 2015 the Central Economic Work Conference predicted 2016 economic growth is expected to remain at 7%. In 2015, the growth rate of investment in real estate development declined all the way from January to November from 11.9% in the same period in 2014 fell to a nominal growth of 1.3%; January to November 2015 real estate development enterprises land purchase area fell 33.1%; Month sales area of commercial housing increased by 7.4%. From January to October 2015, the country tile production 8.812 billion square meters, compared to 2014, an increase of 0.48%, the basic can determine the 2015 annual tile production will remain at near zero growth, does not rule out the possibility of vice growth. Since 2000, the lowest growth rate of industrial growth in the year, it may be the first negative growth into this century. In 2016 the overall economic complex, the Government to further intervene in economic development, real estate has been a recovery, difficult to have great improvement, the tiles industry is grim situation, the development of ceramic tile industry into a smooth downward phase, the crisis and challenges exist. Size up the situation, understand the situation, step by step, within our capabilities.


 Second, the basic competitive strategy

The total cost of the leading strategy, dry milling, continuous ball mill, waste and low-quality raw materials applications are built around the cost advantage of these new technology applications; differentiation strategy, thick brick, brick, backdrop, etc., tile fashion And ceramic tiles are differentiated strategy of art specific measures; specific strategy: a single species, a single scale, specialized production, the program manufacturing.


Third, the brand and innovation

Brand consumer city for the well-off life, one of the signs, in 2016 more and more ceramic enterprises to accept the brand strategy. Brand positioning is increasingly clear, luxury brands, high-end brands, Volkswagen brand, a single brand, integrated brands, brand concentration gradually increased, especially high-end brands. Around the product, ceramic enterprises of the advertising investment, technological innovation, more and more packaging market planning, many of which explore all kinds of exploration. In the category of subdivision on the basis of a number of new brands emerged, doomed 2016 is a dazzling brand marketing year. Technological innovation, not only is the embodiment of strength, but also the occupation of the brand high ground, 2016 mature digital cloth technology are clearly with these characteristics; product innovation can often seize market opportunities; marketing innovation: the public, partners; Products; firing and drying technology is still the core of energy-saving emission reduction, with the increase in haze and haze, environmental protection technology and engineering into the ceramic industry in 2016 an important part of change and innovation, the important tile producing areas are facing the intensity of the more The greater the environmental management, ceramic enterprises operating costs continue to increase.


Fourth, the Internet +

The current tile industry is full of Internet worship and Internet panic, the traditional ceramic tile industry is "Internet +" or "+ Internet" is still a lot of controversy, I prefer the ceramic industry is committed to manufacturing-based, supplemented by "+ Internet "Strategy; tiles and home appliances to continue to gradually develop the Internet, burn, shuffle and growth with the entire development process; industrial 4.0 and China Ceramic 2015 in 2016 will also be developed, short distance from the specific ideal goals are larger distance.


Steady progress, will be the main theme of ceramic enterprises in 2016 to stabilize the main, into the better.

2016 tiles industry will be extremely difficult year, but also to enhance the competitiveness of the industry a year.

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